Beth's Precious Portraits

Bags to Order

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All prices include 1 pet portrait - additional portraits add $10.00 per pet

Natural bag (small only)

Comes with black, green, or navy handles

Small - $35.00

Item #1a

S, M, L

Item #1b - Small (natural) - $30.00

Item #2a - Medium (natural/tan) - $35.00

Item #3a - Large (natural) - $40.00

Natural bag with navy trim (X-Large Only)

XL - $50.00

Item #4a

Natual Bag (X-Large)

XL - $45.00

Item #4b

Natural & Tan (Medium only)

Medium - $35.00

Item #2b

Sample natural bag (medium)

Sample natural bag (large)

Sample tan bag

Sweat/T-Shirts (you furnish the shirt--or add the price of a shirt if we purchase)

$25.00 (includes 1 pet portrait)

$10.00 (each additional portrait)

Item #11