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Complete the order form below and mail along with pet(s) photo (shirt, if applicable), and check, or money order

Mail To: Beth's Precious Portraits
12869 Cimarron Dr
Birch Run MI 48415

Make checks payable to:  Beth Skripnik

Please enclose a clear, close-up picture of your pet's head
posed in the way that you would like to see the portrait painted on the bag, or shirt.
The photo needs to be 4 x 6 or larger, with clear details.

If you don't have a good photo available of your pet, I can take digital shots.
This will be an additional $5.00 charge, which includes printing of a picture that you can keep.



Precious Portraits Order form


Name: ____________________________________________________

Address:  (Street, City, State, Zip) _______________________________


Telephone number: (_________) ________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________________________

Pet's name: _________________________________________________

Item number & description ______________________________________

Special Instructions: (include shirt type/size and color)_________________



Total amount enclosed: $__________________

Photos will be returned along with the completed bag/shirt