What you should know about Critter Sitters

We have been in business since April, 1997
We are insured through Pet Sitters Assoc., LLC

We have life time experience with numerous pets; including our current family members of 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 parrots and fish
We will love your pet almost as much as you would while you are away (and even when you are not)
We will spend quality time with your special family member and meet their needs to the best of our ability
We will maintain, as close as possible, your pets scheduled walks, feedings and medication times
We will maintain your pet's area; i.e., crate, feeding area, litter box, etc.
We will preform all contracted services to the very best of our ability

We will take your pet to your vet in an emergency and seek additional care if necessary
We will contact you, or your specified contact, in case of an emergency; be it your pet, or your home
We will provide references upon request
We will handle each pet as a unique, and special individual *

First time customers of Critter Sitters
We request that you call, or Email to schedule your visits at least 5 to 7 days in advance.
We will then set up a 'key' visit where you can meet us and we can get to know your special family member.
At this meeting we will go over all necessary information regarding the care of your pet and house, and sign a contract for our services.

What Critter Sitters Requests of You at the "Key" visit. . .
Have 2 house keys ready; one for Critter Sitters, and a back up in case of emergency. (You can leave the second key with a neighbor, or nearby relative, if you wish, as long as they are readily available in case of an emergency).
Contact your vet to let them know that Critter Sitters will be caring for your pets and, in case of an emergency, you are pre-approving all necessary veterinary care while you are away.
For security and insurance purposes, let us know if anyone else will be working, or visiting your house while you are away.

Let us know what commands, or special tricks your pet knows.

What Critter Sitters expects from you
When you leave you should have...
Enough medication, food, treats, litter for the time you are away
Can opener/utensils handy

Paper towels, cleaning fluids, broom, dust pan, trash bags handy
Pet carriers, leashes, harnesses, or halters easily located
Bedding, news papers, etc. for cage cleaning
Watering can/hose for plant care
Pets shots and medical records should be up to date (and medical information handy)
Pet ID tags on collars and up to date

Other Considerations while you are away. . .
Clean out the fridge of spoilable food; if you are going to be gone for an extended period of time
All pet areas crates, cages, pet bowls & litter boxes should be clean/tidy before you leave (we maintain, not catch up)

Arrange for walks to be shoveled in the winter
Arrange for grass to be mowed when you are gone for extended periods of time
Notify neighbors, possibly the police, or your security company, that there will be a pet sitter visiting
Know your pets limits--i.e., hide tempting items you don't want your cat, dog, or bird to get a hold of when they are alone, and/or close off areas where your furry and/or feathered friend might get into trouble--some pets tend to act a little different while you are away

Last, but not least......

It is VERY IMPORTANT to call Critter Sitters as soon as you return home. For the security and well being of your pets we must know that you weren't delayed in traffic, at the airport, mechanical problems, or even in an accident--anything that might delay your return. We feel responsible for your special family member until we have been contacted, or until you make it home safe and sound.

Critter Sitters will care for pets left outside in a secured enclosure; i.e., dog kennel, or run. However, we are not responsible for pet proofing the house, yard, or garage, nor for the security of fences, gates, latches, doors, windows, or screens, and will not be responsible for lost or injured animals left under substandard conditions.

Critter sitters will not be responsible for the health and safety of cats and dogs that have the freedom to leave the confines of the house; i.e., a pet door.

*Please do not hide, or down play any information about the personality of your pet. If your pet has ever shown aggression or is protective, please let us know. You will be liable for any medical damages if we are not made aware of a possible problem. We handle each situation individually and if a pet does not like the personal contact, we will handle them in a professional, but more of a reserved and watchful manner and/or we reserve the right to turn down the sit.